2011 Presidents Cup

The 2011 Presidents Cup Players Yardage Book

Presidents Cup 2011

The President's Cup, along with the Ryder Cup is the pinnacle of professional team golf. Twenty four players and their professional caddies were not playing for prize money this time, they were playing for pride. Pride in their country, pride in their team and pride in themselves.

It was into this highly charged arena that Pro Secrets stepped into, mindful that every number, every slope and every symbol would be thoroughly checked by the players and caddies competing. Any error within the yardage book may have been the difference between winning or losing the President's Cup.

The process of obtaining the rights to produce the yardage book for the event began months before, with the Australasian PGA Tour assuring the USPGA Tour that Pro Secrets were up to the task. After some negotiation, the USPGA Tour asked Pro Secrets to provide the yardage book.

.....Samples of past work were sent not only to the USPGA Tour but also to team captains Greg Norman and Fred Couples for their final approval. These samples were well received and so began the concerted effort by Pro Secrets’ Directors Simon Clarke, Steve Collins and Michael Etherington to create an exceptional book that was not only visually engaging and technically correct, but would go on to be accepted and appreciated by all members of both teams.

At the time of the President’s Cup, Pro Secrets was in the process of converting their classic hand drawn books into a modern-day digital format that many of the Presidents Cup players were accustomed to using on the US Tour.  The 'flyover' view for the run outs were included as well as green grids and the expanded green view. The use of black and white photos for the tee shot perspective (as preferred on the European Tour) were adopted for blind or obscured tee shots. The look and set up of the greens were unique to Pro Secrets and continues to set them apart from other Tour book providers.

With Steve Collins and Michael Etherington’s graphic arts expertise and clever use of satellite imagery coupled with Simon Clarke’s concise and relevant course data collected on the ground at RMGC, an outstanding yardage book was created. Whilst a normal yardage book may take one week to create, due to the digital R&D involved the book for the President’s Cup took a solid two months to produce with sparkling results.

After all the pressure and hard work, Simon was sought out during the week of the President’s Cup by a number caddies and players to express their admiration, gratitude and delight with the final product. A yardage book that was described by Greg Norman himself as “phenomenal”.