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Why A Professional Golfer Will Use A Yardage Book

Posted On 15th February 2012 | By Simon Clarke

Yardage booksAll professional golfers are seeking any advantage to maximise their scoring potential during tournament play, as long as that advantage is within the rules of the game. The yardage book is an essential tool that all professional golfers use and is one of the first items they acquire when arriving at a golf course at the start of a tournament week. Professional caddies also arm themselves with the yardage book and spend hours on the golf course prior to their pro's arrival familiarizing themselves with the book and the layout of the course. Many pros and caddies make their own extensive notes within the book before the tournament starts.

A yardage book eliminates the potential for costly mistakes and helps erase doubt from a player and caddie's mind by servicing them both with very accurate information, this helps determine strategy standing on every tee and over every shot. The yardage book provides accurate measurements for distance and elevation from the tees to hazards and bunkers and from many fixed points in and around the fairway to the front edge of the green. A yardage book also gives the player a compass reading allowing the player/caddy team accurately determine wind direction from any point on the golf course.

The yardage book also provides detailed sketches and measurements of the greens, allowing a player/caddie to know exactly where the pin is located, therefore, assess with confidence their plan of attack/defense for each hole they face during a round. It is the definitive tool of course management and a critical piece of equipment for the modern game. No player or caddy in Professional golf in this era walks onto the golf course without a yardage book in tournament golf.

When a player stands on a tee and looks down the fairway he or she is faced with many questions and countless options for how to play each hole. Players and caddies must make quick decisions about their plan of attack or defense and a good yardage book helps to answer these questions. Professional golfers have a thorough understanding of their own abilities and a good awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses. Having a yardgebook and knowing how far they can carry every club in the air helps them decide on smart target lines off the tee and into greens. One of the greatest mistakes players make in the game of golf is hitting the ball over the back of the green as golf courses by design are very punishing when faced with a shot from this position. One of the most frustrating elements of the game for a pro golfer is to watch a well hit shot head straight for the pin only to see the ball sail over the back of a green. A yardage book accurately tells a player exactly how far they have to hit the ball to avoid such an unwanted occurrence.

All in all, a yardage book is an eliminator of doubt and when used wisely is a player and caddie's best friend, a vital tool to reach your potential as a golfer. Yardage books are one of the best kept secrets in golf and amateurs that want to improve their game would be well served learning how to use one. Many amateurs think they understand course management but, they do not. Up until now, the use and benefit of a yardage book has been a Pro secret only. We hope that the sooner amateur golfers learn the benefit and correct use of a yardage book, the sooner they will play better golf and maximize their scoring potential.

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