PGA TOUR Yardage books

PGA Tour Yardage BookS

Presidents Cup 2011

Our yardage books are the professional's book of choice. When creating a yardage book we have one goal in mind; supply the player information that is going to help them shoot the lowest score. We thoroughly examine every course by providing measurements to, and from any position. For a golfer that hits an excessively long drive, to a chip out from the trees, we will have a measurement somewhere close by. We even put thought into the type of paper the books are printed on to make it easier fro the pro golfer to write their notes.


  • Line art for easy reading and allows for more hole information.
  • Measurement accuracy to within 1 meter.
  • Distance to, and over hazards.
  • Compass to determine wind direction.
  • Elevation changes +/-
  • Grids on green, giving exact distances to various slopes and tiers.
  • Moustaches symbols dermining severity of the slope.
  • Blind tee shots - By using a photo of what you see on the tee box. We give you target lines, indicating carry and run outs.