Smart Phone Applications

iPhone App

  • 3D Flybys
  • GPS Measuring
  • Interactive Scoring (E-caddy)
  • Booking
  • User Database
  • Live News Feeds
  • Live Weather/Directions

Smart phone APP

By having a branded smart phone app, golf clubs can tap into the ever growing area of smart phone applications. We've developed an app for the iPhone and Android devices. The BurgGolf app that we developed in conjunction with BurgGolf in The Netherlands gained over 4000 users in less than 6 weeks.

Smart phone apps are an ideal way to market a golf course, as all the tools needed to attract a golfer can be delivered in a very easy to navigate and interactive format. The app can be downloaded for free, straight to anyone's device. For resort courses, smart phone apps can also be used to promote hotels, gyms, wedding facilities and much, much more.

Just imagine being able to download an app for your course, which would act as a constant branded marketing tool promoting your club every single day of the week. As technology is consistently evolving, it's vitally important to be able to showcase your best asset, your golf course to as many prospective golfers as possible.