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Golf Yardage booksThe two principals at Pro Secrets, Simon Clarke and Michael Etherington, have been creating yardage books since 1997. Simon predominantly in Japan, Michael in Australia. Both had other sources of income, Michael as a professional golfer and golf writer and Simon as a professional caddy (he has won 14 times worldwide) but their talents in technical drawing, art and golf made their forays into hand drawn yardage books natural.

As their relative yardage books schedules grew, it was obvious that more time and effort was being placed on the yardage books than their other endeavours. It seemed that as two amicable and friendly individuals they not step on each others toes but then in 2009 they decided to go one step further and join forces in approaching schedules, Tours, sponsors and design.

With the addition of the IT wizardry of Steve Collins in late 2010 Pro Secrets evolved into the dominant Asia/Pacific yardage book brand it is today. With Simon stepping aside from yardage books in 2013 to take up the caddying opportunities on offer Michael has forged ahead and solidified Pro Secrets place as a quality, Tour yardage book option for major events.

The 2015 President's Cup and events on the LPGA, PGA Tour, PGA, ALPG, European Tour and GA schedules are further evidence of the positive direction Pro Secrets are heading with more tournaments and organisations inquiring as to Pro Secrets availability. Most of this is on the back of years of hard work and exceptional service but also thanks to the new digital format Michael has developed that stands above potential competitors.

With the ongoing channel partnership for Australia with Golf Graffix (world leaders in golf course imagery) for commercial (Club) applications and a stunning new website created by Steve Collins, Pro Secrets future looks very exciting.